The 7 Best Freelance Jobs

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 The 7 Best Freelance Jobs

Are you searching for the best freelance jobs online? Dreaming of walking from your bed to your home office? Or, being able to work from anywhere as long as you have internet?

Currently, about 38% of workers say that they’re freelancers. Looking to join the ranks?

In this article, we’ll dive into the 7 best freelance jobs. So sit back, relax, and read on as you’ll get to find your dream job today, and work from anywhere your heart desires!

1. Web Development

If working with codes all day doesn’t scare you, then web development might be the right position for you. You’ll get to design and build websites for clients, and they’ll pay you top dollar.

If you don’t want to learn code, you’ll need to learn WordPress or another hosting platform.

2. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of my favorites! You can ghost write for different websites and blogs out there. Whether you enjoy writing about dogs, woodworking, or cabins, there’s a blog that needs content.

You’ll want to learn content writing, so I highly recommend my blogging course that goes into this.

Another option is copywriting instead of content writing. It pays more but requires more creativity.

You can also consider starting your own blog since you can get started for as low as $3.95/month without breaking the bank!

3. Sales/Marketing

Can you sell this pen? If you’ve been in sales you’ve more than likely heard this phrase before. Sales can include everything from selling insurance to selling your digital products. It’s a good idea to start from the bottom such as learning affiliate marketing. I highly recommend Michelle from MakingSenseofCents course. She earns over $100,000/month, mostly from affiliate marketing!

4. Customer Service

There are plenty of jobs out there for customer service remotely. You’ll need a computer and desk, and you’re set. If you’re not sure where to begin, consider the large credit card companies, and searching online for different positions.

5. Illustrator

If you have a love for designs, you can become an online illustrator. Whether that’s creating sketches, coloring books, or drawings for a profit, the options are endless. Consider placing your artwork on Etsy for sale.

Keep in mind that Etsy will take a cut of your earnings, so it’s best to start out there and then branch out onto your own site.

6. Social Media Manager

I’m sure you’ve been on social media before, and if you haven’t, where have you been? All jokes aside, you can get paid for creating cool images and content for businesses.

Consider having a niche that you specialize in. You can also choose the platform that you specialize in as well.

7. Voice Actor

Consider becoming a voice artist. You can voice act for radio, TV, ads, or even Audible. This position is high in demand as it’s becoming more and more popular.

Where to Find Jobs?

Whether you’re looking for freelance proofreading jobs, freelance jobs copywriting, or freelance content writing jobs, it’s important to know where to look.

Where To Find Work From Home Writing Jobs?

If your dream is to become a writer, you can head to Freelance Writing Gigs to find positions. This is a place where you can find a variety of different jobs whether you’re looking to be a blogger (content writer) or copywriter.

Keep them handy as you’re looking for your dream role.


When you’re looking for jobs whether it’s software engineering, content writing, or copywriting, Upwork has them. You can easily apply to various roles.

You won’t have to worry about not getting paid because Upwork will ensure that you do get paid. They will take a cut of the money though since it’s on their platform.


Flexjobs is a great place to find work since they’ll ensure that there are no spam positions. This is a way for you to safely apply without having to worry about whether the job is legit or not.

They have different subscription options where you can either pay for the year, or per month. You can also find roles that include part-time, full-time, and contract positions.


This is a great place whether you’re just starting out, or looking to pick up extra work. Whether you’re looking for work, or looking to hire someone else, you have options.

They have a great search feature that allows you to be found on there. You can have various gigs as well. That means that if you’re a writer, editor, proofreader, etc. you can have different gigs for each.

Then you can share your gigs on different platforms to get your name out there. Keep in mind that Fiverr does take a cut of your jobs since you’re on their site.


Upwork is a great place to find freelance positions that pay a bit more than some other platforms normally do. I remember when I first started freelance writing years ago, I wrote a small YouTube skit for a tiny amount. It gave me the experience I needed at the time and I had none.

It’s a great place to build up your experience and to apply to different freelance jobs out there. You can search for jobs that pay you per hour, or per task.

Exploring the Best Freelance Jobs

Now that you’ve explored some of the best freelance jobs out there, you should have a better idea of which is the right option for you. You also have the option to check out some platforms for freelance work!

Are you dreaming of starting your own blog, but aren’t sure where to start? Contact me today, I offer coaching to help get you started on blogging, and making sure that you’re on the right path for it.

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