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Inspiration for The Crescent Point Series

The Crescent Point Series has been fun for me to write since it’s a beach romance, but it actually hasn’t been the first series. The first series will be coming out in the winter months.

Don’t forget to start the series with book 1!

You might wonder where the inspiration for The Crescent Point Series comes from. Well, I love North Carolina!

Whether it’s the mountains or the beach, there’s fun to be had. Plus, who doesn’t love the fact that there are plenty of small towns to enjoy.

The Crescent Point Series is loosely inspired by the Outer Banks. You can buy or rent a gorgeous home right on the beach and head out for a swim or walk.

As I write the series for Abby, Sarah, and others, I think about this and try to make it similar but unique.

What little town inspires you that you wish a writer would have books about? My other series is also in North Carolina, but it’s inspired by the Smoky Mountains.

Keep your eyes peeled for that around Christmas! If you aren’t a part of my email list, consider joining to stay up-to-date on all my upcoming books.

 In book three of The Crescent Point Series, you’ll get a glimpse into life in gorgeous Bryson City, a town that’s near and dear to my heart. Book 2 is still a beach romance in Crescent Point!

 What do you enjoy most about North Carolina? Let me know in the comments or send me an email!

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