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The Crescent Point Book 2

A Preview for Book Two!

Hi everyone, I hope that you’re all staying busy and enjoying the warmer months. Easter is just around the corner, can you believe how fast 2022 is going?

If you haven’t read Book One you’ll want to check that out! Here’s the link for it:

Book two in The Crescent Point Series will be available at the end of next month.

I wanted to give you a quick preview of that!

Two polar opposites, a Destined Encounter

Reserved Rebecca is pushed to take a trip to Crescent Point by her loving grandmother, who Rebecca has been tirelessly caring for over the years.

While Rebecca isn’t interested at all in this trip, the handsome inn owner, Ron, has her intrigued. He seems like an annoyance at first, but is that really the case?

Things are finally starting to fall into place for Ron; he has this booming business, yet something feels like it’s missing.

He runs into Rebecca who he finds frustrating but there’s something about her that piques his interest.

The only problem: She’s just passing through town on vacation. Can this unlikely match overcome their own personal struggles and uncertainties in order to make true love happen?

Catch up with Sarah and her sister, Abby, too! It’s also perfect for those who love antique shops!

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